Popping Your Diet Virginity

Your first diet always starts on a good not; you've got your meal plan ready, your new track suits for running, or maybe you might have even invested in a heap of "home gym" equipment like the super duper ab-blaster or handy dandy belly-burner that the "Vin Diesel" look a like at the gym said that he can't live without. On top of it all, everyone seems to be supporting you on your healthy decision.

The first couple of days don't seem too bad, in fact you might even start "boasting" to your friends about how committed you are, and how proud of yourself you felt when you walked past that fast food joint and didn't stop in for your usual pizza slice.

A week finally passes, which means that today you're "granted" a moment to relieve that curiosity that has been growing inside you. You can now weigh yourself for the first time during your diet and enjoy the fruits of your labor. You take your shoes off and dart to the bathroom. While a surge of excitement passes through your body, you step on the scale-that you always loathed. You glare wide-eyed with anticipation at that wobbling meter which can't seem to make it's mind up, and at the precise second that it stops moving, the meter gives you a slap of reality. It's the same feeling as if all your hopes and dreams have plummeted into a pit of despair. You're outraged, and you begin to mumble to yourself, "I've lost TWO pounds? JUST two?!" Of course, that isn't enough for you.

Your mind flashes back to all those moments you had to go through during the past week, and you ponder whether all of that was really worth it. You remember that time you were sitting next to your colleague, the guy that gorged away at his juicy cheeseburger, dripping bacon grease all over your paper napkin, while you sat there and munched away at your carrot sticks. That other time you went to dinner with your significant other, he ordered the peppered steak with jacket potatoes, and you went for the Caesar salad, of course, without any dressing or croutons. You recall the heavenly smell of his steak that made your mouth water, and the way you had to force yourself to grin at him while he ranted on about his new video game, and all you were really doing was looking at his mouth gnaw and gulp a delicious piece of divine goodness.

You snap out of your thoughts of disappointment, go to work, and start crunching your celery like a 5 year old being forced to eat his broccoli. A few more days go by, it's 8:00pm and you're on the couch watching TV. Suddenly, that box of forgotten "Ferrero Rocher" in the top cabinet comes to mind, you're too tired and desperate to reason out how many calories each bite contains, or whether its really a good idea to be eating carbs at this time. In a rush, you shred the foil off of the chocolate and stuff yourself senseless. You have finally given in to that guilty satisfaction that has been lurking in the depths of your thoughts all day. When it's too late, and all the candy is gone, you realize that you've squandered ten days of counting calories, enduring cravings, and eating the sour-tasting "diet" version of every food product. Congratulations, you've had your first diet flop!

There are always a few dieting tips that can make your diet work, unfortunately I found that out after many dieting attempts. I however have learned this: the Key to a successful diet and to reaching your target weight, is actually finding a regime that does NOT feel like a burden, but that can rather be converted into a lifestyle. You need all your necessary tools to make your mind have a positive attitude on healthy eating and exercise, be it inspiration, motivation from a family member, advice from a nutritionist, or just strong will-power, this is something anyone can certainly achieve.

Remember, with the right approach, knowledge and determination, anything can be done.


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